Prominent Topics of Commissioners Board Meeting: Fixing companies fines, registration fees for Iraqi domain, DMR licenses

On Tuesday 12th April 2016 CMC Board of commissioners held its periodic meeting for this month, and put in its agenda. a bundle of memos and regulations were discussed by the chairman and commissioners of the Board. Several decisions and recommendations have been issued in this respect.
The board discussed consideration statement regarding fines amount which imposed on telephone companies and reviewed the terms of its license contract; in order to confirm the legal right to impose such fines on mobile phone companies; because of the poor quality of service provided to customers after CMC confirm the impact of the breach.
The board also discussed the issue of the insurances amount upon contract registration of Iraqi domain. Mr. Saif Ahmed, manager of IQ Dept.- was called by the bored, to indicate the reasons for amending these fees. The board has thoroughly studied the report submitted. the board totally agreed to modify registration fees to be suitable to the decision for increase government revenues and encourage foreign companies to get registration licenses.
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As for the completion of the procedures relating to the project of final position of the fixed telephone companies WLL; the board decided to hold general meeting include all concerned companies alleged to perform, to enhance their services to ensure sufficient conviction to reach for work renewal or halt their activities according to the legal terms.

On the other hand, the board approved authorizing executive chairman to issue legal and technical opinion concerning the tax commission demand about Atheer company license; because this demand may cause damages for service provided to citizens and may cause waste of fiscal revenue to the state treasury.

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