Prominent Topics of Commissioners Board Meeting: Appeal procedures regulations- renewal of frequency data base- WWL phone companies’ future- discussion of satellite channels- Violations and other fundamental issues

CMC Board of Commissioners held its second periodical meeting for this month, into two consecutive meetings (Sunday & Monday 24th-25th April 2016). Bundle of issues were displayed in meeting agenda besides other topics focusing on media and communications affairs. The Chairman and Commissioners of the Board discussed these topics and took several decisions and recommendations: –
The Board reviewed the amendments submitted by the operating company. The Board approved the final text of competitions’ regulations to act accordingly.
The Board viewed the first and second appealing missions and recommended to work as to the contexts used by team work. It recommended adopting the first mission procedural rules according contexts used as well.
Regarding discussing the memo of data base regulatory pertaining Communications Regulatory Office, the Board approved achieving the fixed allocations of the data base, and to re-use and invest those frequency bands within CMC‘s future plans.
The Board also discussed in its bilateral meeting the minutes of meeting being held among CMC and representatives of mobile companies and the National Security Apparatus, the Board unanimously approved the outputs items to oblige the General Company of Post &Telecommunications and its contracting companies to implement the technical measures requirements for the National Security Apparatus requirements, similar to the licensed companies. This procedure should include other companies if their license contract is extended.
Later, the Board expressed its observations about “Arab Media day” celebration being held by the Prime Ministers Council. The Board of Commissioners decided according to the consequences of this activity to address the Prime Minister Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the General Secretariat of Ministers Council to state the breach responsibility of the specialized party. .
The Board of Commissioners invited Al Sumaria Channel administrative cadre to discuss the violations of (Basheer Shaw program) against media’s standards and codes of professional practice. After reviewing the professional monitoring reports of the program series and discovers several irregularities and abuses in the program’s contents, the Board decided to suspend the program for one week, and obliging the channel to review the series contents and to ensure that they are commensurate with the morals and professional measurements, otherwise an appropriate decision will be taken suiting the breach level.

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