CMC Effective Contribution in Cognitive Media workshop & In the Tenth Meeting of Electronic Media Committee

CMC participated in the workshop of (Cognitive Media at Electronic Sites) that has been held by Media & Communications Sector of the Arab States League, hosted by Qatar News Agency in Doha, for the period 8th – 10th May 2017.

Such workshop currently gains significant importance while the Glob and Arab Media are facing many challenges to fight against terrorism and extremism. Some websites become hubs and platforms for spreading misleading and confused thoughts that have dominated the world of electronic media. These activities are good opportunity to discuss various Arabic Challenges to be raised in the field of cognitive media and electronic websites and finding out the proper solutions.

Both, Dr. Jalil Al-Tayar and Mr. Jasem Al-Lami- members of CMC Commissioners Board have represented Iraq in that workshop.

In the opening speech, Mr. Hamad Bin Thamer Al-Thani – President of Qatar Media Corporation welcomed Arab delegations and participants, wishing them success in their mission and coming out with good recommendations that would serve the Arab countries in the field of cognitive media.

Representatives of delegations expressed their confidence to see positive reactions of the workshop outputs and effective recommendations in the field of cognitive media.

Ambassador Dr. Hayfa’a Abu Gazalla – General Secretary and President of Media and Communications Sector in Arab League. She welcomed attendees and expressed her gratitude and appreciations, stressing on the importance of such activities that normally take place in the important meetings hosted by Arab countries every year, in very serious stage in which all are looking at electronic websites that play substantial role in cognitive media. These website are being used to promote   extremist thinking and terrorism, therefore it is essential considering how to face such websites. She explained that workshop’s recommendations will be raised to the next meeting of Arab Information Ministers Council.

On the other hand, the workshop discussed all topics of interest that concern Arab societies in the field of electronic media and the challenges in this regards that is considered one of important links of Arab communications.

It worth mentioning that CMC has already provided a working paper entitled:”Electronic Media Indicators in Arab region and prospects for investment cognitively. This issue was presented by Dr. Khalil Al-Tayar – member of CMC Commissioners Council. This subject was discussed by participating delegations.

The paper confirmed the huge jumps provided by digital technology that made the electronic media the most important tools adopted by a wide sector of public in need for information, precisely the great acceleration of technological progress which strongly helped emerging that important information source.

  The paper referred also to the positive indicators of electronic media and its advantages in terms of direct power and influence in directing the public opinion and effective sharing with the public, that what made it also an important source in reading the audience trends and inclinations, and the ability to lead them for fast response and participation in the events, as well as the growing freedom of expression and the ability of making the electronic media as a fast and effective platform for opinion polls and impact.

Among the negative indications of electronic media, the Iraqi paper mentioned the weakness of most of Arab governments that have ignored the importance of electronic Cognitive Media platforms. The paper also identified the obvious imbalance of electronic media in conveying information of unknown source, and not verified which makes its impact negatively on the consciousness of the recipient.

Due to the importance of this paper, most of its recommendations were adopted within the final recommendations. Participating delegations agreed to support them. The most prominent one: was inviting the concerned authorities of the states members to intensify training courses and awareness workshops in the field of Cognitive Media for the young people, increasing their level of awareness to be more immunity and objectivity. Requesting the states members to update their educational curriculums for all stages, and adding specific programs of the electronic media to the educational system to match modern technique.

Recommendations includes also: requesting the media and communications sector in the Arab league to address ministries and concerned authorities to put shareable terms and regulations that could be used by electronic platform owners and users to purify them from misleading and confusing knowledge so all will be subjected to local or international regulations and sanctions, preventing them to exceed the limits allowed.

At the end of the workshop certificates were distributed to the participants, researchers from Arab countries

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