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Al-Sumaria Prunes “Ako Fad Wahed”

Al-Sumaria Satellite Channel has responded to CMC's demand to prune the Program “Ako Fad Wahed” off the words and the revelations that contradict with the public decency through the warnings CMC recently sent to the channel. The channel considered the step as one that lies within the framework of the professional media cooperation in order to serve the public interest.
The channel's management promised its viewers to present the program in a manner that harmonizes with the moral and social values, stating that the show carries joy and pleasure for Iraqi viewers and tries to lift them from sorrow and pain. The channels officials stated as well that the breaches were not intentional and will be avoided in the coming episodes.
It is worth mentioning that the program raised a wave of reactions at the social arenas due to its unusual dare in the Iraqi media, a matter which prompted CMC to send the channel a warning to prune it.