A Bundle of effective decisions and regulations to organize competition, tariff and frequencies service fees were the outcome of two meetings of the Board of Commissioners

Several important decisions have been taken by the Board of Commissioners to activate CMC track, prospects policy, and executive procedures related to Communications and Media sectors.
Within two board meetings being held during this week several issues pertaining communications and media sectors affairs were reviewed, in order to study the consulting assignments stages submitted by the largest international firms and to approve implementing its phases, besides discussing several memorandums raised by the executive system. Issues were put for discussion. Several decisions and recommendations have been taken in this respect. The prominent ones were: –
On Sunday 13/3/2016 board meeting discussed frequencies services which were used by the Ministry of Communications and review the ideal technique for investment of spectrum in harmony with Item 25 from General Balance law of 2016 pertaining expanding revenues. The board unanimously approved the new technique according to the type of frequency and its privacy, taking in consideration the services provided to government institutes free of charge.


The Board discussed also the second task draft of organizing competition committee that was provided by the consulting firm. The Board agreed to keep the same contexts being used to achieve competition until adopting new law legislation for CMC.
In the same context, the Board discussed the fourth stage draft of tariff regulation provided by the consulting company. Approval was made to adopt its vision.
Together, the Board of commissioners and the executive administration discussed the proposed penalties to be imposed by CMC against those who surpass using of unlicensed Microwave frequency channels. Penalties reasons and its regulation were considered, the Board has approved them, taking into account advising the concerned parties.


The Board also discussed the mechanisms of granting the quality approval and issuance of bureaus licenses for selling and trading telecommunications devices and monitoring cameras systems with the proposed fees. After reviewing standards and regulations provided, the Board approved adopting such calculation techniques as to the proposed text.
The Board discussed in detail the mechanism of calculating spectrum fees of microwave links to ensure fair competition for all licensed companies. After reviewing the legal reasons, the Board approved adopting of new mechanism that should be considered with the licensed companies to explain the adoption mechanism to ensure fair competition.


In its second meeting on Tuesday, 15th March 2016 the Board completed its agenda, and discussed several memorandums and drafts related to telecommunications sector. The following recommendations and decisions have been taken: –
– The Board has approved adopting the study and the certified guide about the methods of using mobile phone by children, and recommended to be published on CMC website, and to be printed and published in the future to spread benefits.
– The Board conveyed the study issue of intellectual property right to the committee formed by some commissioners to give their opinion about the legibility and intellectual value and to be sent to the concerned authorities to be adopted.
– The Board together with the executive administration discussed the recommendations of Media and Culture Committee workshop that was allocated to discuss cancellation of spectrum fees. The Board decided addressing legal offices in the Parliament and in the Ministers Council to declare the conflict and legal irregularities of recommendations regarding collecting spectrum fees as public funds for the state.
– The Board also approved the proposed amendments of television and radio competitions list.
– The Board paid its attention to discuss the national policy for the security of information sharing and protecting communications. After reviewing the details of the decision draft, the Board recommended installing its remarks and necessity to include CMC opinion within the committee in charge to but the policy being a major player in communications sector.
– The Board has invited the General Manager of Al-Rasheed channel and public relations director to discuss the debts owed by media and discussing CMC efforts to figure out a resolution mechanism to solve as to the legal frames.

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