About us

The Commission of Media & Communications (CMC) in Iraq is the first of its kind in the Middle East in terms of converged regulation between the media and communications. That is due to the fact that the separation between them constitutes an obstacle in the way of their growth and development. According to the Iraqi Constitution, CMC is an independent authority that does not associate to any other governmental entity, aims to regulate and develop the media and telecommunications sectors in Iraq under the modern international criteria.

The Iraqi Government is directly responsible for the adoption and development of a strategic policy in the field of communications and passing legislation on them. CMC will implement as an independent regulator these policies along with developing the related field policies. Accordingly, CMC’s responsibilities are focused on:

• Regulating broadcasting and communications networks and services, including licensing, pricing, interconnection, as well as identifying the basic conditions for the provision of public services.

• Planning, coordinating, distributing and identifying the use of broadcasting frequencies.

• Regulating media designs and developing mechanisms for the press.

• Designing, developing, and promoting the rules of electoral media.

• Supporting and promoting vocational rehabilitation, and adopting professional conduct guidance on media topics.

• Developing and disseminating communication and media polices along with proposing regulations on the Government and relative bodies in this regard.

As far as the media is concerned, CMC has engaged, though its short lifetime not exceeding 3 years, in consolidating the functions of the rules of free independent media and developing various approaches, whether in regard of its own activities or through the active participation and support for any other media activities taking place in Iraq in a way leads to the development of freedom of expression and the development of free media in the Iraqi society.

In the field of communications, CMC is working on organizing a modern communications concept and developing its mechanisms in different fields in order to overcome the acute shortage Iraq suffers from in the technical and organizational matters in this vital sector, and to keep up with a new world which the subject of communication has become a criterion for the effectiveness and development of its societies. The Iraqi legislation in force has singled out the CMC with exclusive powers, as a legal authority, to grant licenses and regulate communications, broadcasting and information services inside Iraq.