Arab commendation for the Iraqi parliament decision to block Electronic Games

During the fourteenth meeting of Arab Media Committee held in Dubai, organized by the League of Arab States – General Secretariat, Arab countries commended the Iraqi parliament’s decision for blockingElectronic Games which were provoking violence and murder, across cooperation with Technical Secretariat of Arab Media Ministers Council, General Federation of Arab Producers, Watani institute UAE, Dubai Electronic Security Center and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

The meeting was held with contribution of CMC delegation that represented Iraq, and was attended by Dr. Fawzi Al-Ghwail: Technical Office Director of Arab Media Ministers Council, States Members of Arab League representatives, and several representatives of organizations and commissions involved in media in the Arab Media Ministers Council, and accredited diplomats of Arab countries.

        Iraqi participation represented by CMC delegation has got effective concern. Iraqi delegation presented visual research and interventions.  The Iraqi role of facing the risks of electronic games, and the Iraqi parliament decision to block such games have been praised and welcomed.

In the meeting, two working papers submitted by Arab States experts were displayed for discussion in a research session about “the risks of electronic games provoking for violence and terrorism that effect security Arab community”. The meeting included many important issues about the harms caused by electronic games risks and its dangerous effects on Arab society future, especially children and young people. Mutual Arab action to face challenges should be activated.

        Mr. Al-Ghwail chaired the working sessions of the first day, working paper from United Arab Emirates on “Community and Family Awareness of Electronic Games Risks” presented by Dr. Bushra Al Balushi – Researches and Innovation Director – Dubai Security Center was reviewed. The center’s strategy represented by electronic judiciary, cyber security, innovation and local and international cooperation were discussed.

Mr. Khalil Al-Tayar– CMC Iraq Board of Commissioners Member submitted a research paper about Electronic Media, between control and chaos, “electronic games risks as a sample” he reviewed several aspects related to the causes of  electronic media risks and its chaos to be controlled. He indicated several reasons that shared to worsen chaos. He demonstrated the risks of electronic games as an example of security media risks and electronic blackmailing that will threaten the security of Arab countries and people. He also represented several side effects of   electronic games.   

At the end of his research, Mr. Al-Tayar submitted a bunch of key recommendations in treating such issues and focusing on the educational and Awareness contributions for dealing with such media illiteracy in and informatics education besides displaying laws and regulations to organize the electronic media field.

It is worth mentioning that the second day had a bunch of work papers presented by Union of Arab Producers and Dubai Center for Electronic Security. The fourteenth meeting of Arab Electronic Media   Committee will be held display its agenda that contains several memorandums related to media framework for discussing issues of Arab Electronic Media.

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