Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission honoring Iraqi media efforts

The Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission, in Amman, Jordan, honoring Iraqi media efforts through its evaluation for Iraqi media in activities, events, media meetings framework and communications sector in Arab League.

         This came on the sidelines of first Arab Media Leaders Forum organized by Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission and Technical Secretariat Council of Arab Information Ministers in Amman- Jordan, attendance by directors of satellite channels and radio stations in the Arab world.

         In the beginning of forum ceremony, Princess “Reem Ali Al Hussein” presented honoring plaque to Mr. Khalil Al Tayyar, CMC – Board of Commissioners member for his efforts and contributions especially in Arab committees and teams concerned in activating the Arab media action system.

         Mr. Salim Muskoor, CMC Board of Commissioners member, received the organization honoring plaque from Mr. Mohammed Al-Adayla, Arab Satellite Broadcasting Organization Chairman, for his contributions research in organization activities.

This honor is an appreciation to Iraqi media, whose characters are appreciated and respected by Arab and international organizations for their outstanding performance and contribution in Executive Office of Arab Information Ministers Council efforts to activate and mature joint Arab media strategy against terrorism.

It is worth mentioning that CMC has an active participant in first Arab media leaders’ forum held recently in Amman – Jordan, and Mr. Salem Muskour presented a working paper entitled “The Role of Media Education in Enabling and Criticizing False News.”   Mr. Khalil al-Tayyar also presented a visual research on “legal legislation and its role in facing the dangers of electronic media”.

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