As part of Du3M 2025 initiative projects CMC held technical workshops about (Internet of Things) in Thi Qar province

Within Du3M initiative and as part of (Internet of things IOT) competition, CMC- Southern Region Office held technical workshops at Thi Qar and Mazaya Universities.

CMC- Southern Region Office manager assistant provided demonstration in which he explained the importance and the nature of the (Internet of things IOT) and the extent of close association between the basic needs and the possibility of harnessing them for human life, or for nature in general.

He added that Dom 2025 initiative goals launched by CMC contained work programs within (Internet of things) features, particularly enhancing university students’ capabilities in such field, for which the competition was launched in cooperation between CMC and the specialized companies.

Professors’ faculties of engineering and computer Sciences College from Thi Qar and Mazaya universities attended the workshop. Another professors and students from Imam Kadhim University- Thi Qar  Branch   participated in the workshop too.

The workshop was concluded with interventions about the project and competition of (Internet of Things IOT) in scientific and purposeful atmospheres. Attendees reviewed a bunch of written researches in that respect, indicating the extent of potential youth capability and its effective role to build a developed community led by modern technology.

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