As part of Du3m 2025 initiative, University of Kufa, with CMC cooperation, launch KOOC Open Learning Platform

As part of Du3m 2025initiative, and in cooperation with CMC, University of Kufa launched a platform called “Kufa Open Online Courses (Kooc)” as an Open Education Platform in all specialties: scientific, humanitarian, cultural and occupational fields on 26th March 2019 morning.

In a ceremony held at the University of Kufa, attended by Najaf Governor: Louay al-Yasiri, CMC- Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi, and Kufa University Prof. Rector: Dr Mohsen al-Dhlami, Who opened the ceremony with a speech in which he praised CMC efforts and its adoption for Du3m 2025 initiative, that it was considered the real gateway for proper construction pursuant to a strategic vision to develop communications and information technology sectors in Iraq.

Mr. Al-Dhalimi said that moving from institutional system to digital system was not an easy matter. It required all efforts to be combined to ensure success to CMC performance and to the national project of Du3m that was anticipated to move Iraq towards progress and technological transformation.

CMC- Chief Executive Officer: Dr. Ali Nasser Al – Khuwaildi referred in his speech that CMC has been working for many years to back up vital sectors as part of its role for  providing infrastructure and regulation for sustainable development, because communications and information services  became the backbone of daily life in its all aspects. He added that CMC was aiming to keep up with technological developments to meet the needs of Iraqi citizens in various aspects.

Du3m 2025 initiative was launched for developing communications and information technology sectors that aimed to achieve an integrated information community to keep up with world’s developments and enabled them across interconnected network and setting policies that could achieve such vision in line with the goals stated by ITU to fulfill sustainable development and economical growth in Iraq. He added that KOOC platform project which was launched by the University of Kufa along with CMC cooperation was considered one of hundreds technological projects that would be platforms and  gates of knowledge and sciences across technology optimal investment which Du3om 2025 initiative included in order to create scientific interaction between education sectors and community without spatial or temporal constraints. Such scientific interaction shall eliminate all obstacles for students and bring them closer to training and education courses and making them accessible in all circumstances, calling Iraqi universities to copy this unique experience on the region’s level.

Professor Essam Al-Khalidi: Chief of Training and Informatics Rehabilitation Department in Kufa University clarified that they have worked day and night to complete this technical platform, stressing that such efforts would not be fruitful without CMC support for it is the first sponsor for Du3m strategic initiative.

KOOC (Kufa Open Online Courses): is a training and development platform for a bunch of open courses and lectures in Arabic available for all students on internet through Kufa University servers. KOOC is quite different from the traditional courses in which attendance is required. Registration and education process of will be on remote basis at any time, any place wherever the learner is. That will save time, efforts and money in learning process. As a final result, and after completing the course and passing successfully the training process by completing lectures exercises, the learner will be awarded remote participation certificate of the course concerned.

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