Asia Channel Completes Procedures of Reconciliation Contract And Praises CMC efforts

On 16th May 2017 Dr. Ali Naser Al-Khwailidy – CMC acting General Director within his meeting program, he met CMC commissioners: Dr. Khalil Al-Tayar and Mr. Jasem Al-Lammi, and Mr. Mohammed Al-Asedy- General Executive Director of Asia Channel.

CMC welcomed the guest, and expressed its thanks and appreciation to Asia Channel employees, wishing the Executive Manager success in leading the new administration, completing its work track and upgrading its tools in the new location of Asia Channel to launch from in the coming stage in order to participate in the supporting the National Media Progress.

Mr. Mohammed Al-Asedy- General Executive Director of Asia Channel praised CMC unlimited support for the licensed channels, defending its independency and proficiency dealing with media institutes, plus overcoming administrative obstacles and facilitate their performance tasks according to the valid regulations, calling to strengthen the mutual cooperation in future.

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