Clarification by the Chairman of Communications and Media Commission (CMC)

CMC was exposed and still suffers from an unfair and misleading campaign by Al-Alem Al-Jadeed electronic newspaper that announced false and inaccurate news about the performance of CMC and its chairman. In this respect we would like to clarify several points:
First: CMC chairman never depend on threatening attitude to media figures or to the people working in that sector, neither before nor today. Unlike what the Al-Alem Al-Jadeed electronic newspaper published false news, notifying that Dr, Safa’a Al-Deen Rabea has threatened one of the above newspaper staff.
The style of lying and misleading the public opinion are not professional ethics, therefore we are really astonished from the newspaper’s allegation.
Second: The newspaper announced through the social media sites that CMC chairman used his tribe to threaten the newspaper’s staff.
We would like to make it clear that CMC chairman resorted to the law and raised a lawsuit against the newspaper for violating the terms of profession by publishing news to mislead the public opinion and some of the political and media elites to snatch statements and positions against CMC. The chairman confirms personally that he would uphold to the law because it is above all. Law will truncate from all abusing. it will not tolerate the reactions of others who feel offended by such lies by resorting to some familiar social solutions. Especially, the concerned person was the one who started raising the issue to be dealt by tribes, which we extremely reject such solution because we entirely believe in sovereignty of law.
At the end of this clarification, we would like requesting all people interacting with Al-Alem Al-Jadeed newspaper not to listen to one view point without referring to CMC. CMC also requests all media institutions to take accuracy and objectivity in news broadcasting, and giving others the right to reply instead of defamation and false news.
CMC hopes that media institutions and press reporters would verify the veracity of accusation launched by any person works in media sector, because backing for advocacy only would encourage any person or any party launching accusations and inaccurate news thinking that everyone will defend him whatever accusations types launched against parties or individuals.

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