CMC: According to New Methodology, Current Year is Going to Witness Projects Growth for Developing Media Sector in Iraq

Dr Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi – CMC Chief Executive Officer confirms that CMC seeks within the terms of its prevailing law to support and develop the media sector in Iraq pursuant to a new methodological vision, that occurred during the meeting held with Mr.Ahmed Al-Enezi – chief of “Hemum” institute for media discourse and human development.

Dr,Al-Khuwaildi and Al-Enezi discussed media frameworks, its paths and the general situation of media, and the possibilities of providing support to this vital sector according to legal regulations. Dr. Al-Khuwaldi exposed that CMC has displayed a prior strategic plan to this purpose, which included workshops, training courses, caring and adoption of study researches (master thesis and doctoral dissertations) that are contributing in media development.

Both parties agreed to hold developing workshops to discuss and explain the codes of professional conduct for media sector that were displayed by CMC in cooperation with UNESCO and the British Broadcasting Corporation Radio and TV (BBC). “Hemum” institute intended to hold Workshops in all Iraqi governorates that will be run by media and legal experts.

Development courses for journalists and media professionals in all over Iraqi governorates under CMC sponsorship were discussed according to the best scientific and professional programs to enhance abilities and skills to be in line with the rapid global progress in media methodologies, such courses should include young idle people who have got the abilities or knowledge in media sector, to be trained and enabling them to find job opportunities in media sector.

Mr.Al-Enezi then presented Hemum;s praise and gratitude plaque to CMC, thanking and appreciating CMC for hosting and sponsorship to the program launched by the institute to promote the media discourse through scientific research.

At the end CMC Chief Executive Officer stressed that the CMC has a new vision to accelerate implementation of its performance and activities according to new strategies that will include all sectors organized by CMC precisely, the most important sectors of communications and information technology, which became the nerve of life, and one of the most essential sources of progress in countries.

It is worth mentioning, that CMC is getting ready to launch DU3M initiative to develop the sectors of telecommunications and information technology in Iraq next Monday 14th January 2019 at Babylon Hotel in Baghdad that will be attended by the ITU General Secretary.

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