CMC announces its procedures to launch fourth mobile license

During the workshop’s discussion held in Baghdad under the auspices of Prime Minister according to Ministers Council order No. 216 of the year 2018, CMC completed its procedures to launch the fourth mobile license.

The workshop attended by Ministerial Committee, Ministry of Finance, Board of Supreme Audit, Advisors Commission, Parliamentary Committees, Prime Minister’s Office Advisers, ministries representatives, Public Inspector, Banks, private sector companies, and high-rank diplomats. They discussed the works required and the expected timetable for granting the fourth license by the Global Consulting Company assigned to supervise auction process.

Dr. Ali Nasser Al – Khuwaildi- CMC Chief executive Officer confirmed that CMC worked through Higher Ministerial Committee chaired by the Prime Minister And the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Communications as members to extend the work of the Global Consulting Company to complete granting technicality of the fourth license, referring that more than 60% of fourth license granting procedures have been completed. He added that the presence of diplomatic members is an important factor to back up this important procedure through their countries in all fields.

Dr. Al- Khuwaildi stressed on the importance of making the auction for granting the fourth license inside Iraq, and sending a reliable message all over the world clarifying the stability of the country on the security and economical levels, exposing that more than 40 international and Arab companies have submitted their applications to compete on this license. Necessary frequencies have been allocated in this regard.

Parliamentary committees’ representatives confirmed during their interventions the importance of granting authorities for the companies to complete the infrastructure, and contributing the       cash block available in the country across the company that will be granted the fourth license, because of the importance of this matter on two levels; first: encouraging companies work in general, in one hand and stimulating the internal economy on the other hand.

Mr. Ismail Marqa- (PWC) Consulting Company representative pointed out that (PWC) company believed that the company which will gain the fourth license would bring new and modern technologies and will be able to reach the technological progress fulfilled by world today, adding that the company was searching in market evaluation to reach to the stages which will enhance services in Iraq.

The workshop also witnessed interventions and discussions with specialized companies, banks and international organizations representatives about announcement mechanism and granting of fourth license.

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