CMC celebrates International girls’ day in the field of Communications and Informatics

Within projects and goals of Du3M 2025 initiative and on the occasion of International Girls’ Day in the field of Communications and Information Technology approved by ITU, CMC made several field visits for girls’ exemplary schools in Baghdad, with the cooperation of mobile   companies.

The female cadres at CMC and mobile companies participated in these visits and presented their own success stories in ICT sector in order to encourage girls’ students to develop their skills in this field for its wide broad work and innovative horizon that have entered in other important sectors and became the life blood in actual life.

In return, girls’ students expressed their interest and pleasure for such initiative and asked many questions that show girls’ enthusiasm and impression for the information presented to them about communications and informatics.

Ten female students were chosen from each school to visit the headquarters of the major communications companies in Baghdad (Zain Iraq, Asia Cell and Korek Telecom) in order to review directly the actual work reality of this sector.

Mobile Communications Companies made a reception ceremony for girls’ students and in order to review directly the actual work reality of this sector. In addition to that mobile companies arranged introductory tours at companies’ corridors plus scientific presentations about work nature and mechanism for motivating female students to progress and success, and to arrange generation capable for creativity and excellence in the fields of Communications and Information Technology.   

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