CMC celebrates the 50th anniversary of International Day of Telecommunications and Information.

Communications and Media Commission (CMC) celebrates the 50th International Day anniversary of Telecommunications and Information Society that has been celebrated by the International Telecommunication Union since 1969. Today: (17th May 1865) is the foundation date of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) by which the first International Telegram Agreement was signed in Paris on 17th May 1865.

The event included presentations showed the vital and important role of (ITU) in developing the international standards and regulations for ICT sector through the Telecommunications Standardization Bureau (ITU-T) and its Studying Committees and teams work related to ITU.

The celebration included presentations about CMC role in standardization sector in Iraq, as well as Du3m 2025 initiative’s role that was approved by the International Telecommunications Union according to the decision No. 211 of Plenipotentiary Conference held in (Dubai 2018) which contained several projects that raise and enhance the role of Iraq in standardization, information technology and communications   field in general.

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