CMC Completes Interviewing Disabled People Who Apply To Attend Development Skills Courses of Communications and Information Technology

CMC has completed the interviews of disabled people who applied for the courses launched by CMC as to DU3M 2025 strategic initiative through development project to improve this segment of community. The courses aimed to improve their abilities and skills in the fields of Communications and Information Technology.

The Technical Committees interviewed more than 125 applicants who applied for training through program for three days in the DU3M Center for habilitation and development of disabled people at Baghdad International Fair.

The technical committees reviewed applicants’ potentials and expertise to be divided according to their specialty and insert them in certain courses in the fields of Communications and Information Technology,   designing programs and professional editing, taking into account   applicant’s desire to attend the course.

The Medical Committee related to the Disabled and Special Needs People commission of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs continued examining applicants to determine their disability and record their data, as well as indicating their ability to be engaged in work fields and making them more effective.

The courses will be launched soon, and the centre of DU3M for rehabilitation and improving disabled people will be officially inaugurated at Baghdad International Fair to start courses that will divided by the committee among applicants after identifying their needs

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