CMC Confirms Completing Implementation of IPV6 Strategy, RIPE Organization Announces: Iraq Is First At Middle East Level in Internet Protocols Allocation

RIPE International Organization announced that Iraq became the first at Middle East level in Internet protocols allocation, while Communications and Media Commission (CMC) confirmed completing all logistics assignments for moving Iraq to the sixth version of Internet protocols. This announcement was made during the workshop of exchanging IXP and IPV6 transformation strategy of internet protocols which has been organized by CMC in cooperation with RIPE International organization. The workshop was held in Ayoon Baghdad Restaurant Hall.

The workshop attended by CMC Chief Executive Officer, representatives of Ministry of Communications and specialized private sector companies.

 CMC- telecommunications regulatory office manager assistant stressed in his speech that CMC aimed keeping pace with the progress happening in communications and information technology fields especially in internet services through transition from the fourth version of IPV4 to the sixth version of IPV6 Which will become a must in the next technical life, because most of technologies and searching browsers on Internet will need IPV6 facilities in addition to the importance of this version in (internet of things) market in which great economic opportunities are waiting, besides enormous  employment opportunities will be available in the country. That will boost the national income, as well as the importance of such qualitative transition for Iraq. That is really what we are looking forward to develop our generous country with our potency and national capabilities.

He added that the movement occurred in ICT progress capabilities and communications in the world obliged us to keep up with this important movement by strengthening the infrastructure of such important sectors in Iraq. We have put that in our utmost consideration through Du3m 2025 initiative. We are also seeking across enhancing infrastructure of ICT sectors in the country to promote the mechanisms of Internet connection IXP with the resources of service providers to deliver services by less effort and low cost but with the highest and developed level.

Mr. Shafiq Shea- representative of RIPE International Organization in Middle East, Europe and Asia, said in his speech that the role of Dr. Ali Nasser al-Khuwaildi made the international organizations returning to Iraq and taking their role and launching development and investing projects, He added that the interest of Iraqi state institutions, especially communications and media Commission and private sector companies, have increased to enroll Iraq as a member in RIPE International Organization and to be the first in Middle East region.

In return, “Mr. Hisham Ibrahim”- regional director of technical programs in RIPE International Organization clarified that Iraq is witnessing significant remarkable progress in the ICT sector, especially in Internet sector and its services. He praised the role of CMC for opening cooperation prospect with   the competent international organizations and inviting them to Iraq to implement strategic projects, if implemented, Iraq would be within the advanced positions in managing and organizing information technology.

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