CMC congratulates the Iraqi team for winning the Global Competition of Huawei for Communications and Information Technology

CMC congratulated the Iraqi team who participated in the Global Competition of Huawei for Communications and Information Technology (ICT) competition which has been held in China.

100 000 student from 60 country contributed in the global annual competition organized by Huawei Communications and Information Technology in China. The Iraqi team has gained the third place in that competition, and Dr. Omar Hussein (Iraqi Supervisor) won the award of the distinguished supervisor.

In this occasion, CMC invites all state authorities to support and sponsor such scientific energies.  Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwailidi – CMC Chief Executive Officer said that Communications and Media Commission will provide necessary support to the team according to Du3M 2025 initiative that included sections to backup the young energies and talents specialized in communications and information technology, he also confirmed that CMC will honor the Iraqi team once they return to Iraq.

Dr. Al-Khuwailidi added that Iraqi efficiency proves its presence again at global level by the winning of Iraqi team in the international competition of Huawei. Such achievement confirms that Iraq always produces talented individuals.

CMC has honored the Iraqi team that gained the first place of Huawei International competition in Communications and Information Technology held in China last year 2018 in which 20000 student approximately participated from various colleges of communications and information technology in the Middle East.

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