CMC congratulates the new Chief of Huaweis Company in Iraq, and invites to carry on cooperation in the field of Communications and Informatics.

CMC congratulates Mr. Wang Lee – the new Executive Chief Officer of Huaweis Company in Iraq who came to replace Mr. Zozkin Zao to whom CMC presented its gratitude to evaluate his effective role to back up communications and information technology in Iraq.

During the visit of Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwailidi – CMC Chief Executive Officer to the new administration headquarters of the company, Dr. Ali confirmed that the previous Huawei Company  CEO of. “Zozkn Zaw” has a prominent and effective role in supporting CMC and its strategic projects, expressing his gratitude to Huawei’s positive steps to back up youth segment across the competitions held under the care of the company in China where the Iraqi contestants won the first stages.

Dr. Al Khuwaylidy added that Huawei has preesented unlimited support to Du3m 2025 strategic initiative that started by CMC to de   velop country’s ICT sector through several strategic projects.

Huawei Company, through its new management of Mr. Wang Li, renewed its willingness for further greater relationship development with CMC through ICT projects in Iraq, saying that Iraq has suitable ground to work in the ICT market and through   large subsidiary companies and multiple ones.

Huawei presented a letter of thanks and appreciation to Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildy – Chief Executive Officer for his efforts to enhance ICT sectors, and for his role to strengthen the relationship between the global major companies specialized in communications and informatics and CMC.

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