CMC continues its training courses for university students in Basra Governorate

CMC continues its training courses launched last month that were allocated for public and privates universities students in Basra Governorate. Mr. Safaa Saleh Mahdi – office director, of CMC branch in southern region stated that CMC specialized teams were working according to the planned program. These courses attracted dozens of university students who aimed to prepare themselves for the work market. He confirmed that university leaderships in the governorate showed remarkable interaction with the project, which was considered as continuation to the theoretical studies that students received in the academic classrooms. He pointed out that CMC continued registering university students who were wishing to join the courses through “DO3M 2025” initiative.
CMC has announced earlier that the application courses will be in the following subjects:
• Programming and databases.
• Management and strategic planning.
• Photography digital modification.
• Structuring of communication towers.
• Optical cable preparation course.
• IT personnel preparation course.
• Network cameras installation and setup course.
Students of nine colleges in the universities of Basra Governorate will benefit from those courses, namely :

  • Information Engineering College.
  • Computer Engineering College.
  • Computer Sciences College.
  • Informatics’ Systems College.
  • Computer Technology College.
  • Communications Engineering College.
  • Fine Arts College.
  • In addition to the students of Administration and Economics College
  • and the College of Administrative Technology.
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