CMC delegation headed by Dr. Ali N. Al-Khwaylidi honored Algerian journalist Sameera Mowaqi

CMC delegation has visited the Algerian journalist (Sameera Mowaqi) who currently lies in hospitals complex at the Medical City enquiring about her health, giving her moral support, and to fulfill her needs.
CMC delegation that was headed by Dr. Ali N. Al-Khwaylidi accompanied by Board Commissioners and CMC’s offices managers congratulated (Mowqi) for being saved from the treacherous attempt of Daesh gangs while she was covering the news of military operations executed by the security forces and the popular crowed (Al Hashed Al Shabbi). She was awarded a bouquet of flowers and CMC shield for her courageous stand in her media mission.

Dr. Al-Khwaylidi wished safety to the Algerian journalist, and to be capable to serve Media Message and to demonstrate the humanitarian goals carried by our forces against terrorism which Iraqi people suffered from. He praised her courage and audacity for conveying the clear picture of what are happing on Mosul ground.
From her side, journalist (Sameera Mowaqi) thanked the delegation and all CMC employees, confirming that she will return to the battle fields conveying the humanitarian messages, besides exposing the facts done by the brave popular forces.

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