CMC Engineering Teams intensified their efforts To facilitate communication services For the visitors of the 40th memorial event of Imam Al-Hussein

During the 40th memorial event of Imam Al-Hussein CMC carried on its efforts through following up and exceptional tours of its technical and engineering teams. Through the site tours of CMC Engineering team in Karbala, providing facilities to the visitors they found out that mobile shops that were selling phones or mobile chips were dealing with various kinds of wireless communications devices that had negative impact on the military calls, precisely during the visit of millions.

At Zurbatiya borders entry point in Wasit province CMC engineers followed up and checked all equipments and devices accompanied Iranian journalists including external broadcasting vehicles, video cameras, audio devices and lighting tools, whilst there was another team working at Baghdad International Airport monitoring the devices that may be accompanied with the Iranian journalists to cover the event of the 40th visit of Imam Al-Hussein It is worth mentioning, that before the month of (Muharam) CMC has already coordinated with all Iraqi ministries and relevant authorities involved in organizing the memorial event, joint teams were formed along with the National Security System, Intelligent Agency, and other relevant security agencies monitoring selling of mobile chips and regulations performance of licensed companies.        

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