CMC hosting the first technical meeting of Population and houses Census 2020

In CMC headquarter, the first technical meeting of Population and Houses Census 2020 was held in presence of the Ministry of Planning – Statistics Central Bureau and the National Security Adviser and all mobile phone companies.

The meeting was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi – CMC Chief Executive Officer.

Discuss the possibility of providing technical support to General Population and Houses Census2020 by mobile companies , Through certain chip provided by companies and have the ability to connect with network through VPN technology operates within the Internet network and do not use Internet connection, with the possibility of transferring data between chip and the Ministry of Planning data center.

It is hoped that this technical feature will help in achieves accurate and integrated population census within a specific time period, by distributing a large number of these chips among field researchers while conducting the census.

CMC Chief Executive Officer said that the Commission is ready to provide the necessary support to succeed the population census, referring to CMC successful experience in Census of Iraqi families’ use of technology and communications which is the first report in Iraq history, in cooperation with the Ministry of Planning and mobile phone companies and Internet service providers, mentioned that Du3m 2025 initiative included many technological programs that can contribute to support Population and Houses Census project, at the same time he calling telecommunications companies to provide full support to success this national project.

For its part, the telecommunications companies welcomed this national and important project and their representatives confirmed that they and their companies ready to cooperate and provide all support to serve Iraq and its citizens.

The Ministry of Planning representatives expressed their thanks and appreciation to CMC for their cooperation and providing the necessary support to help population census process.

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