CMC in third session of “IT Live” Forum: ICT sector in Iraq qualifies as milestone in country renaissance.

CMC confirms that ICT sector in Iraq is qualified to be a milestone in country’s renaissance at community level, knowledge communication and serve and employ Iraqi citizen level, and resources provide for public finance and investment plans annually, this came in launching the third session “IT Live” morning in Baghdad 5 April 2019, related to information technology and youth skills development in technology sector.

The forum attended by Mr. Naeem Al-Rubaie- Communications Minister, Mr. Ashraf Al-Dahan- CMC Board of Commissioners Council Chairman, Mr. Jasem Al-Lami- CMC Board of Commissioners Council Member, Mr. Qasim Hawal- Prime Minister Advisor with  number of ministries, Commissions and private sector companies participation, forum in its two-days includes a number of topics on latest developments in ICT sector.

CMC Chief Executive Officer speech, delivered by  Telecommunications Regulatory Director, Eng “Adel Salman”:  CMC, as the exclusive regulator of ICT sector in Iraq, and according to entrusted validities  to follow up, identify and develop ICT reality in Iraq, it believes that  country is on right track towards technological renaissance, this is what we touch in international conferences and workshops, to put Iraq in levels of countries that have a clear policy in plans for regulate and develop  communications and information technology, especially after launching Du3M 2025 strategic initiative by CMC to build necessary capabilities and  achieve  ambitious goals of ICT development sector and promote  digital economy and social transformation and supporting smart environment  development, so this strategic initiative, includes government agencies based on economic , development and service sectors,  with effective partnership  from private sector for seven years.

Du3M initiative includes education, health, security, economy and money sectors … to break down barriers and illuminate on technology and promote these sectors in line with developments and social well-being.

The speech also stressed that CMC doors are open to any national effort to promote telecommunications and informatics sector, which has become State mainstay, as well as supporting all small and large projects in this field in order to create a technical generation to undertake country advancement in technological field, that  CMC  seek to, through launching Du3M 2025 initiative to develop ICT in Iraq, that aims to enhancing cooperation and participation among stakeholders and unifying efforts to remove obstacles in developing process of IT sector and opening new horizons to support investment sources and Investment competition  in this sector.

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