CMC issues important recommendations to activate Arab media strategic plan to combat terrorism and enrich Arab electronic content on Internet

CMC participated in the meetings of media and communications sector in cooperation and coordination with Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission dedicated for discussion to enrich the content of digital project on internet, plus digital broadcasting platform within the data center and distribution of Arabic electronic content, in addition to discuss executive plan of the mutual Arab media strategy to combat terrorism.

        Mr. Khalil Al Tayyar, Mr. Jassem Al Lami and Mr. Salim Mashkour CMC Board of Commissioners Members – represented CMC in those meetings which were attended by Arab satellite and radio channels directors to contribute by providing their views and visions on programs and activities promotion and achieving the interim plan of the mutual Arab Media Strategy to combat terrorism.

        The forum was attended by 15 Arab countries from States Members and many organizations, commissions and unions that were functioning under the League of Arab States umbrella in media Affairs, Mr. Fawzi Al-Ghwail – Technical authorized Secretariat praised during the final Press Conference the good organization done by the Arab Broadcasting Satellite Commission.”

The meetings witnessed serious discussions and dialogues by the representatives of states members in addition to media experts and a bundle of Arab media leaderships; they presented important and effective ideas and visions for treating the challenges which Arab Media System was facing, and identified the risks of electronic media aspects with its negative impact on Arab Community in terms of security and social cases.    

The meetings’ recommendations stressed on demanding from the  media ministries and concerned media commissions in states members of      Arab States League to re-activate communications links and revive the mutual Arab work projects, in addition to demand from Media Ministers Council to guide the means Arab media to follow a developed track and method to combat terrorism and extremism, and rejecting the hatred  speech, and the necessity of training and qualifying Arab media cadres by cooperation with the Arab Broadcasting Satellite Organization and the Technical Secretariat of Arab Media Ministers Council.



Directors of satellite channels and official Arab radio stations Meeting


  1. Inviting ministerial councils of Media, Education, Higher Education, Youth and Culture, and inviting the Arab Organization for Education, Culture & Sciences to work together to develop Media Education Curriculum insert them within the Educational Curriculum at all schools stages, and to put the executive mechanism proposed by the Jordanian Media Institute plus the Egyptian experiment under discussion for fast implementation.
  • Requesting the Arab States Broadcasting Federation to insert “Terrorism Combat Issue” within the Permanent Committees plan of the Federation: (radio, programs and news) and in the program series produced by the Arab commissions and could be exchanged, as well as using them in the competitions of Arab Festival of Radio and Television.
  • Requesting media ministries and other media authorities   in States Members to instruct its official and private means of media to adopt the speech of moderation, reasonability, forgiveness and to reject all forms of religious extremism, by establishing and activating monitoring centers for these contents. The Arab Commissions (public or private) have to submit reports about any abuse and instructing authorities not to repeat such abuse, and would exchange these reports   among Arab Monitoring Centers.
  • As to the media theory which states: “the means is the message”, due to the enormous change in the means of media as a result of the technological progress in communications field  and the emergence of new patterns adopted in media industry, media message must be subject to that progress in order to achieve the required goal and to reach of young category which is the mainly targeted category of this orientation- an integral media plan must be arranged including the followings:
  • Displaying well-prepared messages on the most popular social media known among young people. It is necessary that the media professionals should be young particularly media makers and stages followers until presenting these messages to the targeted audience.
  •  Engaging positive models of bloggers with large numbers of followers in this plan to ensure that the message will reach to largest number of people.
  • Arranging motivational competitions among young people for interactive contribution. The prize would be granting the chance for working within campaigns work teams.
  • Requesting Arab audiovisual media to take its responsibility by informing public opinion and raising awareness for laws, legislations,    and professional regulations that are regulating the electronic media. Holding awareness workshops for discussing the goals of these laws to dispel protestors’ fears, and exposing the positive aspects of its legislation for maintaining disciplined freedoms that are ensured by Arab Constitutions. 
  •  Requesting media ministries and media concerned authorities to display regulations and working license for electronic media platforms work and arranging publication mechanism and organizing its content in countries that have not got regulations that would reduce the electronic crimes pursuant to its responsibilities and according to monitoring and accounting mechanisms which based on broadcasting codes and rules, and on media behavior that includes electronic publishing as well as getting benefit from the UAE experiment.
  1. Requesting Arab audio-visual media to increase citizen’s awareness and advise electronic crimes victims the necessity of reporting quickly about the crime committed so that concerned authorities would take action in this respect and also ensuring to maintain data confidentiality.
  1. Requesting ministries of media and the concerned media agencies in States Members to produce series of drama and documentary films by  coordination with Arab Broadcasting Federation and with Arab Producers Federation and translating them to all languages of the world for marketing purposes abroad to promote the values of tolerant Islam and Arab civilization, and to change the prevailing stereotype image and considering the Arab Satellite Broadcasting Authority suggestion to producing short video and audio clips and translating them to be broadcasted in Arab and international means of  media.
  1. Requesting Arab training centers to organize special training programs for Arab media cadres: how to deal professionally with issues related to terrorism.
  1. Requesting media ministries and media agencies in Arab countries to launch an awareness campaign to confront terrorism through FM radios available in Countries Members, for they have high rate followers.
  1. Requesting Arab media audio-visual institutions to refrain presenting or describing all forms of terrorist crimes in an encouraging manner, or adding sort of tournament on the criminals’ image, or giving justifications to the terrorist’s motives, or granting criminals and catalysts the opportunity of using such programs and information materials as a platform for their own.
  1. Requesting Arab satellite channels to adhere to their dialogue programs by selecting more reasonable religious figures to ensure  appropriate comprehension that immunize viewer against risks of terrorism, extremism,  and to stand against the chaos of conflicting advisory opinions and against quackery and sorcery programs.
  1. Requesting all Arab audio-visual media to adopt the terminology guide which was prepared by Arab States Broadcasting Union and adopted by the Council of Arab Ministers of Information in media coverage against the unified terrorism phenomena.
  1. Requesting the General Secretariat of Arab States League to raise the issue of reactivating the role of Higher Committee for Coordination among satellite channels and Supreme Committee for Media Production in the next session of Arab Media Ministers Council, and drafting new regulations for them, and return them to work under the supervision of Permanent Committee for Arab Media, to be able carrying out the role entrusted to them and implement the decisions of Arab Media Ministers Council, precisely the interim plan to achieve the goals  of joint Arab media strategy to combat terrorism.
  1.  Thanking the Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission for its hosting the two meetings of satellite channels and Official Arabic Radio Stations Directors and praising the scientific activities organized by the Commission.

Recommendations of the Technical Committee Meeting to study the two projects of Arab Mutual Satellite Broadcasting Commission


  1. Confirming on the recommendation issued by 10th regular session of Executive Bureau of the Arab Information Ministers Council held on 9th January 2019 regarding the initial approval of two projects idea presented  by Arab MutualBroadcasting about: “Enrich Arabic electronic content on Internet project” and “The Digital Broadcasting Platform” within the  data center and distribution of the Arabic electronic content after taking in consideration the observations raised by the Technical Committee to study the two projects above.
  • Request the followings from the Arab Mutual Satellite BroadcastingCommission :
  • Rewriting the text of the two projects and updating information and statistics.
  • Identifying funding mechanism for the two projects pursuant to the principles of the Mutual Arab to ensure continuation.
  • Providing legal framework and legislations by which content will be organized to meet false data.
  • Coordinating with all relevant commissions and authorities to unify their efforts that ensure integration and provision of content mechanism as well as ensuring intellectual property rights.
  • Submitting a proposal specifying the mechanism of dealing between Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission and States Member and all concerned parties.
  • Requesting the Arab Education, Culture and Sciences Organization-   (ICT Administration), Arab Organization for Communications and Information Technologies, Information and Documentation Management in the General Secretariat of Arab League States and the Mutual Arab States Broadcasting Federation to submit their views about the two projects provided by Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission after  being updated and express their readiness for partnership.
  • Requesting the Technical Secretariat of Arab Media Ministers Council to raise the drafts of the two projects to the 50th Regular Session of Arab Media Ministers Council to take the appropriate decision in this regard, after the mutual Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission carried out observations required by Technical Committee.
  1. Conveying thanks to the Mutual Arab Satellite Broadcasting Commission for hosting the Technical Committee works and praising the scientific activities organized by the Commission in Committees’ meetings.
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