CMC Launches Integrated Project to Develop Media Discourse for Media Offices in Ministries, Independent Commissions’ Within CMC Aims To Assist Media Efforts In State Institutions

CMC held a joint workshop with the media offices managers in government ministries and independent commissions to draw up a clear policy for developing government media discourse through training media offices cadres in order to assist and develop government efforts.

The workshop was attended by Media Offices managers in government ministries, independent commissions, CMC chairman and members of Board of Commissioners, Director of Media and Government Communications Office in General Secretariat of Ministers Council and media consultant in Prime Minister’s Office, during the workshop they stressed on the necessity to determine the basis to develop media offices in government ministries and state institutions according to a training programs provided by CMC with accredited trainers in the fields of administration, media and technology to create an exemplary state of connection with the  public, then to issue  an effective and realistic media message to citizens.

Agreement was made that media spokesman should not be devoted to broadcast the activity of the responsible official only, as adopted by some of media offices bureaus. CMC’s role is to upgrade the reality of Media Office across training its employees according to clear and effective programs.  

The workshop also discussed the nature of training programs that will be held in future courses, including crisis management courses and others in media appearance arts, press writing and others. International experts to be adopted  for this purpose across training workshops in various media field.

Priorities that need to be focused on were identified and highlighted in order to start calling trainers specialized in these fields and starting the scheduled courses. Attendees also suggested that decisions should be provided to all institutions to be more legalized; others suggested forming crisis teams such as editors\ team, technicians’ team and other teams. Others said it was essential giving social media first priority in order to publish various activities because it has significant influence on various Iraqi segments.

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