CMC – Middle Euphrates Cadres Conduct Tours for Examining Services Quality Of Telecommunications In Karbala

In order to follow up mobile phone services provided by mobile companies and to convey their services to all regions in the same quality, technical team of CMC – Middle Euphrates office conducted inspection tours testing the service quality provided by mobile companies in Karbala.

The tours started from Ain Al Tamer which is the farthest region in Karbala province. The tours were attended by representatives of mobile companies: (Zain- Iraq, Asia Cell and Korek Telecom). The goal of these tours is: to identify the most important technical problems of telecommunications sector in Karbala province and the ways to upgrade its  reality, for providing a safe communications environment that is closely linked  with the services provided by the CMC to citizens, that what CMC does in all provinces of Iraq.

 CMC technical cadres continued surveying all regions, townships and districts of Karbala province. Inspection teams reached the farthest point in Ain al-Tamar, Husayniyah and other districts.

 It is worth mentioning that CMC- technical and engineering cadres of are still conducting regular tours in other provinces related to Middle Euphrates Office.

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