CMC participated in the Conference of Media Challenges Religious Diversity.

While representing CMC in the conference of Media and Religious
Diversity Challenges Mr. Khalil Al Tayyar- Board of Commissioner’s
Member confirmed that the valid Professional Code of Ethic was so
keen about religious diversity in Iraq without being prejudice to any
party or entity, stressing, that CMC Monitoring Department is working
earnestly monitoring any speech or violations that may threaten such

Mr. Al Tayyar added to the workshop sheet submitted in this regard:
(media and challenges religious diversity in Iraq) that CMC’s work
confirms the importance of protecting such diversity, and ensuring
freedom to each entity. He rejected the word “minorities” which is
commonly used. He declared that the existence of any entity is not
linked with the number of its population, but with its impact and deep
roots in land of Mesopotamia.

Board of Commissioner’s Member clarified that CMC intends to hold a
conference about the incitement and terrorism in media speech. There
will be wide contribution of Arab and local parties. He stressed the
importance of the media speech to be patriotic and committed to the
suffering issues of every Iraqi citizen.

It is worth mentioning that the conference was held by Masarat Firm
in cooperation with the International Media Support Organization
(IMS). Several representatives of various Iraqi parties and entities
participated: Mr. Saeb Khider (parliament member – representative of

the Yezediz), Cardinal Mar Rufail Sako the first (Patriarch of the
Chaldean Catholic Church in Iraq and the world), and Mrs. Nadia Fadhel
Maghams(Manager of Mandaeans Endowments). The title of the first
session was “Media and the Challenges of Religious Diversity in Iraq”
Each entity representative presented his/her point of view about the
Iraqi media speech and its dealing with entities issues.

The second session was entitled: “Responses of public and private
media Organizations for the challenges of religious diversity”. Mr. Khalil Al Tayyar – CMC Board of Commissioner’s Member, Mr. Mujahid Abu al-Hail – Head of Officer of Iraqi Media Network and Mr. Ghandi Mohammed Abdul
Karim – Parliament Member and Head of Al Mashreq Media Commission
they all participated in this session. Each party responded to what came
in the first session, which was administered and presented by Mr. Saad
Salloum- Head of the National Center to Confront Speech hatred in
Iraq. The conference concluded by reading the recommendations and
study results accomplished by International Media Support
Organization about the media in Iraq media and religious diversity

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