CMC Participated in the National Meeting Held by the Iraqi Centre for Media Development

CMC delegation chaired by Mr. Salem Mashkoor – Board of Commissioners member participated in the semi-monthly national meeting being held by the Iraqi centre for media development on Saturday 20th May 2017 at (Ayoon Baghdad Restaurant Hall).

Minister of Internal Affairs (His Excellency Qasim Al-Araji) attended the meeting. (Internal affairs and citizen’s security) was the main issue of the meeting that was chaired by: Mr. Adnan Al-Sarraj, Dr. Hussein Alawi and Brigadier Dr. Sa’ad Ma’an.

Internal Affairs Minister focused in his speech on obeying the law and punishing defaulters regardless of their status. He emphasized that the ministry is carrying on fighting organized crime, and would have no tolerance with outlaws. Declaring that the strategy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is to establish integrity and fighting corruption.

Later on, discussion was opened between the Minister of Internal Affairs and the audience who declared their opinion about some security matter in the country.

Mr. Salem Mashkoor – CMC Board of Commissioners Member was honored by the Iraqi Centre of Media Development for getting “very good” in his Master Degree. Sabah Newspaper was honored too for its 15th anniversary.

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