CMC participates in Arab Workshop on Sustainable Development

Communications and Media Commission participated in the scientific workshop held by Information and Communications Sector in the League of Arab State. The workshop’s title was: (Arab Intellectual Centers and Sustainable Development) for the period (28th -29th August 2019) at Arab League headquarters in Cairo.

The workshop included four themes that shed light on the conceptual framework of intellectual centers and sustainable development and the reasons of appearance and spread of the intellectual centers in the Arab region, in addition to the challenges and constraints faced, and its role in the field of awareness and sustainable development area, and how to strengthened and supported.  

          The workshop reviewed the United Nations development initiatives within Millennium Development Plans framework, the most recently adopted one was the sustainable development plan for the period from 2015 to 2030, that includes 17 economic, social and environmental goals in which it has mutual obligations with the States, means of implementation and partnership. In September 2015 the Arab countries adopted the Sustainable Development Goals taking in consideration Arab priorities and specificities.

          At the end of the workshop, discussion was opened to present proposals and recommendations. CMC delegation chaired by Mr. Salem Mashkour –  CMC Board of Commissioners member suggested establishing a website that includes all Arab intellectual centers, and launching an award for the best Arab intellectual cares about sustainable environmental issues in order to encourage such centers to insert environmental reality and sustainable development among their priorities.

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