CMC participates in intellectual Axis for the year 2019 and submits several suggestions to activate forgiveness culture.

CMC contributed in the experts meeting for discussing and activating the intellectual axis of the year 2019.

The meeting was held on 7th June 2019 at the hall of Arab States League according to the invitation of General Secretary of Media Ministers Council to coordinate with Communications and Media Sector.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Khalil Al-Tayyar and Mr. Jassim Al-Lami CMC Board of Commissioners Members, to discuss the mechanism of activating the intellectual axis adopted by the 50th regular session of   Arab Media Ministers Council of Information, entitled “the Role of Arab Media to Promote Forgiveness Culture”.

The meeting was chaired by the Ambassador Dr. Fawzi Al-Ghweil, Chairman of Executive Administration in Arab Media Ministers Council, Representatives of States members have participated in the meeting along with the heads of media organizations and unions have attended the meeting in which Arab Emirates’ memorandum was inserted in the meeting agenda to adopt the title of activating Forgiveness Culture as an intellectual axis of the year 2019.

The participating delegations interventions exposed the importance  of inviting concerned means of media in states member to develop an inclusive national strategy for promoting culture and language of forgiveness to be shared by all concerned parties in the governmental and civil sectors, being considered as strategic partners, and to deepen   tolerance values, mutual co-existence, openness to other Arab people cultures, and focusing on transplanting forgiveness culture values  among the new generations, and introducing legislations and policies aiming to strengthen such values in cultural, social and religious frameworks.

The participants agreed to urge the concerned media authorities in the members countries to develop the media discourse based on the concepts of diversity, mutual coexistence and peace in the society and the importance of relying on the young groups to consolidate the concepts and practices of forgiveness across targeted interactive programs, social networking initiatives and youth activities in the sports and artistic voluntary fields.

The Iraqi delegation has submitted a workshop paper to activate the intellectual axis and ensuring achievement of its objectives that included a group of suggestions and recommendations: the most prominent one was: the recognition to accept forgiveness culture,    and that does not mean to waiver to others at the limits of aggression against Islamic sanctities, Islamic meanings, values and ideals, or keeping silent to defend the usurped rights under the pretext  acceptance of culture Tolerance principle.

The paper also focused on the importance of work to launch mutual Arab initiatives and activities that confirm on Arab contributions in promoting forgiveness culture through adoption of forums, workshops and festivals.

The paper proposed also to achieve the visual effect of the intellectual axis of the year 2019 for expanding forgiveness culture through designing and issuing a stamp holding the words of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib: (There are two categories of People: either your brother in religion, or equal to you in creation). This expression contained greatest meanings said in respect of forgiveness, and was adopted as the most famous quotation included to United Nations human rights regulations.

Iraq recommended also to start an Arab competition to give the award called the ” Year of forgiveness” by which material and moral prizes will be given for the first three chosen posters, the best photo, the best article, the best television program, the best radio program and the best lyrical work that were concentrating on forgiveness values,  spreading the coexistence culture, and installing love and affinity   among Arab citizens which will be launched after appointing a  competent committee. Its mechanisms will be displayed by the competition sponsor.

Finally, a bunch of important recommendations were approved to be abided by the Arab states members to activate the work for achieving   objectives of the intellectual axis of 2019.

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