CMC Participates in the 92nd Regular Session Meeting of Permanent Committee of Arab Media in Riyadh Submits Series of Effective Recommendations..

Communications and Media Commission (CMC) participated in the meetings of the 92nd regular session of the Permanent Committee of Arab Media held in Riyadh; the capital of Saudi Arabia Kingdom, which was hosted by Saudi Ministry of Media in cooperation with the Media and Communications Sector of the League of Arab States.

CMC commissioners’ council member – Mr. Khalil Al Tayyar and Mr. Asaad Nabeel Mohammed Ali from the audio and visual office represented IRAQ in that meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Khaled Al-Ghamdi – Deputy of the Saudi  Media Ministry for external media affairs, and attended by the General Secretary Assistant of the League of Arab States – Chief of  Media and communications sector : Dr. Bader Al – Deen Al- Alali, and the General Secretary Manager of Arab Media Ministers council – ambassador Dr. Fawzi Al-Ghwail, along with effective contribution of Arab Media Ministers in the States’ Members, the meeting also attended by presidents of commissions and organizations along with their representatives, in addition to 17 Nos. organizations and Arab federations involved in media assignments who worked as monitors in the Arab Media Ministers Council.

CMC Commissioner council member- Mr. Khalil Al Tayar confirmed that the 92nd regular session meeting of the Permanent Arab Media Committee fell within the frame of strengthening working system of mutual Arab media that was sponsored by communications and media sector in the General Secretary of Arab State League. He pointed out that the meeting agenda has put 13 Nos. items for discussion related to coordination of Arab media to be in line with the expectations of Arab countries on one hand and the challenges that were facing them on the other hand.

Motivating the media activities to support the Palestinian case topped the meeting, as well as displaying charter of Honor draft for Media professionals, remarks of states members, discussing its amendments,   reaching an agreement for the interim activities to activate the Arab Media Council on Media Map for sustainable development 2030, demonstrating activities of the Electronic Arab Media, discussing the meetings’ recommendations and the role of Arab media to stand against terrorism, besides the Arab Media Day, following-up the Arab Media plan work abroad, discussing the choose of the intellectual axis for the 50th regular session of the Arab Media Ministers Council, and amending the timings to choose the Capital of Arab media.

The Iraq delegation had important interventions on agenda’s items. There has been extensive discussion by the states members about agenda’s purposes that have got permission by the Presidency of the Council to be included in the final recommendations that will be approved in the meeting of the Executive Bureau of Arab Media Ministers Council in 9-1 to be endorsed.

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