CMC sponsored the First Women’s Movie Forum that was finalized. Seventeenth short films participated in this forum

CMC sponsored the First Women’s Movie Forum, which was held by the Iraqi Artists Syndicate at the Iraqi Cinema lounges, in conjunction with the International Day for the Eliminating Violence against Women.

Seventeenth Iraqi female directors have participated in the forum.

At the forum end a speech submitted by Mrs. Ava Faeq Nader (member of CMC commissioners council), explaining that CMC is doing its best efforts supporting the artistic activities besides developing the role of Iraqi women in the society. She added, that it is an opportunity to encourage women to play an important role in media and artistic fields.

In return, the Iraqi Artists Syndicate Chairman – (Dr. Jabbar Judy) praised CMC role for supporting the artistic activities that include valuable messages to the community. In the same time he explained his appreciation for the serious steps for the effective cooperation among the state institutions and unions.


Several participants considered this step as a real encouragement, indicating the diversity of the artistic discourse through which Iraqi directors are delivering important messages to the community, showing at the same time the importance start of a creative female generation in the field of cinema.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Cultural Committee reviewed CMC activities in regulating communications and spectrum management. Service Quality Director presented a demonstration of implemented projects during the last year. Despite the obstacles of Corona crisis, it did not hinder the engineering teams to conduct monitoring spectrum, and following up communications services quality to prevent interferences, and contributing to combat electronic fraud during students final grades.

Executive chief assistant of technical affairs presented a detailed explanation about CMC procedures regarding issuance of extension to the mobile companies and about the fourth generation licenses. He presented also CMC’s commitment toward adopted international and national regulations and legal frameworks.


The chairperson of the Parliamentary Cultural Committee; (Mrs.Sameea Ghalab, expressed her gratitude and appreciation to CMC administration and its cadres for their active and realistic plans strategy which produced several projects to serve the citizens and developing the sectors under its control optimally.

CMC Chief Executive Officer and CMC Commissioners expressed their readiness to provide all approved information, legal and technical procedures to the parliament members to review the activities of organizing technique for Media and Communications sectors.

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