CMC takes care of a child talented in digital programs

CMC chief executive officer: (Dr. Ali N. Al Khwaildi received in his office the talented child; (Laith Rafid Salman) who is distinctively proficient in creating digital programs and English language.
After showing his talent by Al-Rasheed satellite channel, Dr. Ali N. Al Khwaildi instructed to take care of the gifted child and receiving him in CMC headquarter to be honored, demonstrate and developing his talent .
Dr. Al Khwailidi encouraged the 10 year old talented kid who had prior to his age abilities in the field of information technology and mastering the English language. Such talents made the kid unique among other kids of his age.

CMC chief executive officer instructed to care of all talented children, especially the child Laith, and arranging a program to enhance his programing abilities by coexisting with CMC technical and programing team. Dr. Al Khwailidi expressed CMC’s readiness to support the child’s expert with scientific applications, and push him to the actual working field for the public interest and for serving our dear country
It was decided that a developing course for talented children in the field of communications technology would be launching soon in Baghdad and other provinces by coordination among CMC, UNSECO and the European Union.
In return, the child’s father expressed his gratitude for such initiatives that would encourage the children creativity spirit and make them keener to learn about all new aspects of technology, and providing them the required equipment that they couldn’t get, plus easily providing them the applied experience.

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