CMV adopts Media Sector With a New Vision

CMC – Al Najaf Bureau held an open media discussion seminar under the slogan “CMC role in building the Iraqi national media”. Many media reporters, journalists and media elites have attended the seminar.

Several important media issues, problems and suggestions that enlighten the Iraqi media path were discussed. Mr. Salem Mashkoor – member of CMC Board of Commissioners declared that CMC role is organizational and institutional one according to the Iraqi valid laws and to the order No. 65. He confirmed the necessity of organizing the Iraqi media performance, for it is considered the real priority launch to build community through targeted media. He added that CMC role in the coming phase will adopt many national projects, requesting means of media to undertake issues of disabled and special needs people and other who really need to be focused on by media to get their full rights.

Mr. Sanad Al-Abid – CMC Najaf Bureau Manager emphasized that CMC is abide to regulations, code of ethics, and the Iraqi and international laws of expression freedom mentioned in article 38 of Iraqi Constitution, and in the International standards – article No. 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Mr. Abas Abid Shaheen – CMC head of audio-video department declared that codes and regulation are responsible to display the performance plan for media institutes that guide and regulate the media sector to in harmony with the international laws and regulations.

Mr. Kamel Al-Kaim – media professor in Babylon University focused on the necessity of CMC launch in future phase and establishing communications bridges with journalists and reporters to remove obstacles to be opened for the biggest part of society.

Attendees expressed their will for CMC openness, and the necessity of communications with media sector to protect and treat all issues and social problems.

At the end of the seminar, participants have submitted several suggestions that may develop the Iraqi media sector.

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