Communications and Media Commission (CMC) hold a meeting with (ISP) companies for the development of internet services

On Sunday morning 1st November 2020 (CMC) held a meeting with internet services providers companies (ISP) in Iraq for enhancing their service provided to the public.

The meeting was chaired by Dr. Ali Nasir Al-Khwaildy- CMC Chief Executive Officer, and attended by Mr. Adel Salman – Commioner Council member, CEO technical assistant, CMC offices directors and (ISP) main and sub companies directors. Al-Khoweildy stressed the need for companies to adhere to the authority’s regulations and directives, using up-to-date internet technology, especially (WiFi) and optical cable ones.

Dr. Al-Khwaildy indicated that CMC and Its mobile technical teams to monitor and follow up the frequency spectrum has identified all the technical problems and violations in (ISP) companies’ performance. CMC works to find radical solutions, and ways to deal with them on technical, legal and economical aspects. The Chief Executive added that to avoid poor services: CMC will not allow any violations on the spectrum, or allowing towers installation without prior technical approvals.

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