Communications and Media Commission receives an appreciation letter from UNESCO for the efforts achieved by CMC in the field of telecommunications and information

Communications and Media Commission received a gratitude and appreciation letter from UNECO for the efforts achieved to develop CMC activities during the last two years.
According to the acknowledgement letter of UNESCO Office in Iraq that pointed CMC works have been developed remarkably over the last two years significantly, to serve communications and media sector, besides strengthening the relationship between CMC media and various media institutes.
Part of UNESCO’s letter “We know that the Media regulation and freedom of expression in Iraq needs great efforts, and hope that CMC takes leads on this regards. It is important that our cooperation and coordination thrive in order to reach the SDGs that make CMC a model of implement it in the country. In spite of the fact that the awaken of CMC came late, but we hope it is the progressing in the career flourishes. Best regards”.

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