Disabled Assembly gives its vision for enhancing the abilities of special needs people

Dr. Ali Nasir Al-Khwilidi – CMC Chief Executive Officer met the disable group in Iraq during the workshop meeting that was held according to ITU decision No. 211 that was taken during plenipotentiaries conference held in Dubai 2018 to put a promotion policy for the special needs people for communications and Information technology services. ITU experts have attended the workshop.

Dr. Al-Khwalidi confirmed during the meeting the importance of enabling special needs people and gave them the status they deserve by several programs like the ones launched by CMC within Du3m 2025 strategic initiative that included a program for training and rehabilitation of special needs people in technical fields. That of course will benefit the Iraqi society and economy.

He added that the goal for rehabilitating disabled people is to create a mutual benefit by developing their abilities in several projects which may promote the country internal economy, that what we have seen in previous practices of several Arab and foreign countries and studies conducted by research institutions in e-economy fields, as well as the economic benefit that can accrue to family members and people who are dealt with in society through projects adopted by special needs people.

Special needs people stressed on the need to enable them to access communications fields to spread and wide using of information access for blind persons, including techniques to convert all means to speaking system, in addition to the importance of enhancing the capabilities of  deaf and dumb segment using communications through by spreading sign language in public communities and the importance of education continuity according to Constitution and to the agreement of Disable Persons Rights to be in line with the efforts of British Cultural Council and the European Union Mission. That was included in the agreement of disabled people’s rights, with the goals of sustainable development that obliged States to pay more attention to this matter, as well as protecting disabled persons during emergency situations and enabling them to use early warning systems and ensuring evacuation.   

Dr. Abeer Shuqair, ITU expert, stressed that ITU is fully prepared to present any assistance to develop the capabilities of special needs people by taking experiences of other countries in consideration that opened the door of cooperation with ITU and established certain academies to rehabilitate such group, that would become efficient in the society through training programs including computer courses, electronic marketing, executing projects on Internet, plus designs, montage, learning software language, browsing and creating electronic sites.

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