Due to violation of legal regulations and technical conditions CMC confiscated jamming devices that caused poor quality of communications services.

CMC made testing tours to the spectrum and found some jamming and signal strengthening devices installed in a bunch of commercial offices and agencies without CMC approval of which led to disruption for mobile networks and causing defects to telecommunications service quality.

CMC technical team who was responsible for managing and monitoring      spectrum in Iraq accompanied by the National Security Agency, intelligence agencies, communications companies and media institutions were able to use advanced devices to indicate jamming and strengthening devices for the network installed without getting license, and was incompatible with the technical terms and conditions set by CMC that it is the exclusive party responsible for communications regulation in Iraq.

CMC technical team along with the security authorities confiscated these devices and compelled those who installed the jamming devices to sign pledges to attend CMC headquarters to settle down the violation legally and technically and signing an undertaking not to install such devices in future without CMC permission.

Lt worth mentioning that CMC has already issued warnings to those who installed jamming devices or strengthen the network without getting legal and technical permission must shut down these devices and attend CMC headquarters to get legal and technical permit.

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