During Art Technology Conference, CMC Confirms Its Support for Electronic Transformation in Media Sector

The Communications and Media Commission “CMC”
confirmed its support for the electronic transformation in media
space. Mr.Ashraf AL-Dahan – CMC Board of Commissioners
Chairman during his speech in the Iraqi Art and Technology
Conference congratulated RIMAS Corporation for its
achievement in distributing means of success, technical
development and digital media in Iraq,

The conference was organized by Al-Rimas Media and
Arts Corporation celebrated its success to obtain the first
place in the Arab world for having as much as followers on
(YouTube) platform, Mr. Al-Dahan considered that event as a
national achievement for Iraqi art to be ranked as the first place
in the Arab world in technological art work,. He added that the
media and technical production sectors were the most important
ones that were participating to raise people\s level through
transmitting the human message of love and peace.

Board of Commissioners Chairman expressed his wishes
that Iraqi media institutions may provide purposeful media
material, and carry on submitting any material that would
express the Iraqi civilization and history, and implementing
always advanced achievements at the Arab and global levels to
what Iraq has of great technical abilities and energies.

In return, the Head of Sada Al-Rimas Corporation for
Media and Arts thanked CMC for its support and paralleled
organizing for the Iraqi media and art and for its participation in
art and technology conference that was considered as a support
to continue such success.

It is worth mentioning that CMC launched DU3M 2025
strategic initiative to develop ICT in Iraq that included several
developing projects, such as: supporting technological
transformation in media, culture, education, medicine,
agriculture and banking sectors.

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