During the 40th memorial visit of Imam Al-Hussein CMC checks and facilitates entry of Arab and foreign journalists with their equipments and devices

CMC formed technical and engineering teams and spread them at the borders entry points that were allocated for the visitors of the 40th memorial event of Imam Al-Hussein. These teams were following up the procedures for the entry of Arab and foreign journalists (especially Iranians) with their devices, such as: Cameras, audio Wi-Fi systems and lighting devices, to cover the event of the 40th event of Imam Al-Hussein visit in Karbala.

All Iranian reporters’ devices which were approved by CMC have been checked at Zurbatiya borders point according to the mutual agreement signed by both Iraq and Iran to ensure facilitating telecommunications services to the visitors by mutual teams, in addition to facilitate entry of Iranian journalists with their equipments. It should be noted that CMC before (Muharam) has already coordinated with all Iraqi ministries and other authorities involved in organizing the 40th event. Joint teams have been formed with the National Security System, Intelligent Agency, and other concerned security systems pertaining selling mobile chips during the event and following up regulations of operating licensed companies.  

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