Future vision presents by CMC at UNCTAD session hold to evaluate and develop e-commerce in Iraq

A joint dialogue session was launched in Baghdad Sunday morning sponsored by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development in order to evaluate e-commerce readiness and its development mechanisms seeking to develop digital economy in Iraq, with participation of CMC, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Commerce and the Central Bank.

Dr. Naeem Al-Rubaie – Communications Minster in his opening speech stressed on the importance of supporting e-commerce through a solid electronic system and professional teams that deal with customers in professionally and fast manner, which builds extensive relationships for this effective market.

Dr. Ali Nasser Al-Khuwaildi- CMC Chief Executive Officer in his speech stressed on the importance of providing legislation that works to growing confidence in e-commercefield, which contributes to support various economic sectors, he noted that CMC is currently implementing a plan to support vital sectors and keep abreast of technological development through several projects such as granting Wireless broadband and fourth generation licenses.

Al-Khuwaildi added that CMC is working to provide a secure and reliable informatics society to conduct business transactions, CMC starting the transition to IPV6 and began in experimental transformation at CMC headquarters, he calling the executive and legislative authorities to adopt many items to speed up legislate  Communications and Informatics law and included clear items to liberalize telecommunications market, and also calling the government to adopt a national strategy for e-commerce in Iraq by creating a specialized entity to provide legal security for Internet transactions and adopt a appropriate provisions of Model Law on Electronic Commerce that issued by United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) in 2000.

Mrs. Cecil Prair Shami – United Nations Trade and Development Program (UNCTAD) representative mentioned in her speech that Iraq has an important market for electronic commerce and can be strengthened to serve people through multiple projects, that consistent with sustainable development principles adopted by United Nations.

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