General Director meets representatives of Imam Husain & Imam Kadhim Shrines

On Thursday 18th May 2017 the Chairman of CMC Board of Commissioners and Acting General Director- Dr. Ali Naser al-Khwaildi met representatives of Imam Husain shrine: Mr. Jamal Al-Shaheristany, and Imam Kadhim shrine: Mr. Dhigham Ra’ad at CMC headquarter.
Technical and legal situation of media institutes related to both holy shrines were discussed at the meeting, in addition to the administrative situation and performance technique.
Depts accumulated by broadcasting stations belong to the shrines above were discussed to be paid. Refund of payments should be pursuant to CMC valid legal terms and regulation.
Representatives of the two shrines expressed their thanks and gratitude for CMC hospitality, method of dealing, and legal and technical procedures adopted by CMC in organizing media sector in Iraq.

1949 مشاهدة