“Here is Baghdad” Undertakes to Abide By Rules and Regulations of Media Broadcasting and to the Operational Directives

During the meeting held at CMC headquarter on 18th May 2017 between the Chairman of CMC Board of Commissioners and acting General Director: Dr. Ali Naser Al-Khwailedy and “Here is Baghdad” Satellite channel manager: Mr. Ala Muhsin, the channel renewed its commitments to the Media code of practice.

During the meeting, the program violations of (Hadeethul Nass) presented by broadcaster: Mr/ Majed Saleem were discussed, and how false information may affect the situation of the entire country. CMC emphasized on thematic presentation in addition to the freedom of expression ensured by the law.

Dr. Khwailedy confirmed that all media institutes must be abide to the media code of practice (Rules and Regulations of Media Broadcasting and the Operational Directives), which are considered the legal measurement of media in presentation and conveying of information International norms as well as Iraqi laws ensure the freedom of expression for media broadcasting entities.

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