ITU Calls for Investment in ICT Sector in Iraq, Stresses his Support to 2025 DU3M Initiative

According to the report published by International Telecommunications Union ITU about the General Secretary Mr.Houlin Zhao’s visit to Baghdad this week. Mr. Zhao calls for investment in ICT sectors in Iraq, stressing that the atmospheres and time are appropriate now.

ITU report mentioned that the General Secretary has visited Iraq to encourage investment in that country. He also attended the launch of ‘Du3M 2025’ initiative arranged by CMC to Develop ICT. He was briefed the objectives of that initiative in various fields, such as: comprehensive service, electronic-governance, digital financial inclusion and supporting small and medium projects. 

During the first official visit of Mr. Zhao to Iraq, he met  Prime Minister: Mr. Adel Abdul Mehdi, expressing his encouragement for Iraq progress to develop (ICT) sectors and gain more knowledge about 2025 Du3M initiative.

The report also mentioned that ITU General Secretary declared in his speech during the launch ceremony of ‘Du3M initiative that this event is a plan for the digital future of Iraq. He expressed his appreciation to Iraq and its future plans.

The Prime Minister encouraged to create a good environment to support investments in (ICT) sectors, and also encouraged Iraq to be more active in participating in ITU activities and supporting the small and medium projects.

The Report also mentioned that ITU state members have approved a decision taken in the Commissioners Conference that was held last November in Dubai to support 2025 Du3M initiative.

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