Parliamentary Culture Committee commends CMC Work in Regulating Media Sectors

Mrs. Samia Galab – head of parliamentary culture committee expresses her admiration and praises CMC achievements and its work mechanism. She was received by the Chief Executive Officer- Dr.Ali Nasser Al-Khoweildy, CMC Commissioners Council members – Mr.Mohammed Al-Asadi and Mr.Adel Salman and CMC offices directors. During her visit Mrs. Galab was briefed about CMC activities and projects in regulating media and communications sectors.
Mr. Hussien Al-Saray – director of audiovisual regulation office presented a demonstration of CMC procedures in licensing media, and monitoring media contents, besides CMC awareness role for Corona crises, in addition to the projects implemented in cooperation with the World Health Organization, as well as the Ministry of Health, and UNESCO for health awareness and instructions, besides the mechanism of establishing educational platforms contributed to facilitate the implementation of examinations electronically.

The head of Parliamentary Culture Committee had a look on the activities of CMC in the field of telecommunications regulation and spectrum management; The Director of the Service Quality Department made a presentation on the projects completed during this year. Despite Corona crisis, but it was not an obstacle for the engineering teams to carry out spectrum monitoring processes, to follow up quality of communications services, preventing breaches, and to contributing in combating electronic cheating during examinations of final grades students.
CEO technical assistant presented detailed explanation of the CMC’s procedures for licenses extension of mobile companies and 4G licenses. He also added that CMC is always committed with the regulatory and legal frameworks adopted locally and internationally.
The head of parliamentary culture committee- Mrs. Samia Ghellab, expressed her gratefulness and appreciation to CMC administration and staff for their activities and for the real strategic plans that achieved many projects which had obvious impact in serving citizens and enhancing the sectors regulated by CMC in best ways.
Meanwhile CMC Chief Executive Officer and CMC commissioners expressed their readiness to provide all the information and legal and technical procedures adopted to the Parliament members to review CMC activities and its regulation technique in organizing both media and communications sectors.

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