Prominent topics of Board of Commissioners Meeting:

Fines Mechanism of Bad Quality Services – Mobile Number Portability Project – Frequencies of Marshlands revives – Media Irregularities.

On Wednesday 23rd March 2016 CMC Board of Commissioners held its third periodical meeting. A bundle of memos, projects’ drafts and media monitoring reports for TV channels were put in meeting agenda. The Board discussed these issues. A group of decisions and recommendations have been taken in this respect.
The Board discussed the issue of accumulated fees of licensing frequencies using of marshlands revive. After declaration of the general goal of that service, the board decided to exempt the project from organizational and spectrum fees because such point comes in the services development for the benefit of citizens living at remote areas.
The Board also discussed execution of item 25 of the General Balance Sheet that focuses on obliging CMC to maximizing its revenues. The Board approved the amendments proposal mentioned in the Executive Management report pertaining fees mechanism imposed on the services provided by CMC that will come into effect on 1si April 2016.
Regarding procedures completion of (number portability) – The Board approved executive management’s recommendations and suggestions. Observations of consulting company should be taken in consideration.
The Board discussed the memo raised by the Chief of Executive Management: Dr. Safaa Al-Deen Rabea regarding service quality and the mechanism proposed for imposing fines on lagging companies in order to ensure customer’s rights. After extensive discussion, the Board approved the proposed mechanism for imposing financial fines according to specified mechanism. The Board recommends advising the companies and compels them to apply such measures; otherwise the fine will be doubled.
On the other hand the Board approved the draft of the seventh and eighth assignments that include tariff policy project, taking in to account the proposed amendment.
As for the deliberate and repeated offences of Al-Jazeera channel, the Board has discussed the procedures taken against that channel for its violation to the media professional code of ethics. After reviewing several professional monitoring reports about channel’s rhetoric escalating violence and fomenting sectarian spirit. Due to the channel’s insistence to proceed in its preach in spite of initial and final warnings, and in spite of inviting its cadre who is working in Iraq for several times, and because this channel does not seize the opportunity that was granted to many media institutes to improve their performance, the Board of Commissioners decided to close both Arabic and English bureaus of Al-Jazeera channel in Iraq for one year commencing from the date of issuance, and to give the channel the right of amending the preach after being reviewed and evaluated when addressing Iraq next time.

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