Broadcasting Licenses

The CMC is granting licenses to radio, television and satellite channels, in order to organize a media policy aiming to ensure the work of the licensed stations about the folks of the democracy concepts in the freedom of opinion and expression, committed expression and professional discourse. And the necessity of taking the responsibility of its performance, The commission aiming to make sure that its programs not intersection with criteria which put the commission in the licenses list require the approval about it before granting the license, comes in the forefront of it, the gravity of the transferred material to the reception and respect the ethnic, cultural, religious and accuracy, fairness and impartiality variety.

In the light of these responsibilities and duties, The commission has put the licensing section in the foundations and controls required by the process of obtaining a license for radio stations or television, terrestrial by the process or satellite channels , and then select the Licensing Section select the demanding steps which wanted to be taken for this aim.

Grant authorization or license of an entity to provide media information services or running a particular facility happened by the licensing the terms and conditions by marking provisions of this delegation and described the rights and essential obligations of this institutions that are dealing with it. As in the case of applying or renewing license requires the use of frequencies. the applicant must submit to produce an issuance demand or renewing license to use frequencies that require it, and the commission is finishing the action request in a specified time.

The commission doesn’t ignore licensing the use of frequencies for the command applicant unless if they don’t have a convincing reason of the following reasons:-

A- The lack of frequencies.
B- Avoid harmful interference with other communications services provided by
any another service provider.
C- If the issuance of license in using frequencies contracted with any of the
Commission’s systems or as a broadcast programs contrary to morality and
public behavior.

  • In the case of issuance or renewal or modification of any license, the commission will publish a notice on its official Website on the network shows the necessary information on the license and the place where they can see where the latest copy of the license.
  • It’s not allowed for any station to broadcast whether it’s a television or satellite only after obtaining a license from the commission and in accordance with the license issued by the commission. Otherwise, it’s not considered to law, as the commission is the only entity responsible for granting and issuing licenses in Iraq.

The license must be written, which is available for consultation to acquaint it. In accordance with the commission’s regulations there will by types of licenses are:-

  1. Broadcasting radio, television and satellite licenses.
  2. Mobile phone licenses.
  3. Mature licenses.
  4. Fixed wireless phone licenses.
  5. Air and sea licenses.
  6. Special licenses.
  7. Internet service networks licenses.

the commission may impose conditions on licenses to achieve the system’s objectives, which includes but not limited to the following things:-

  1. Quality of service standards.
  2. The requirement of network or services’ deployment
  3. Restrictions on ownership in the shares of other service providers.
  4. Requirement of the information provision from what licensed to it belongs to the commission.
  5. The requirement of cooperation with the commission to practice its duties according to its regulations.
  6. The standards of separation of the communications services to the accounting and regulatory purposes as determined by the commission.

Every license requirement should be, at a minimum, to produce the information listed bellow to the commission:-

  • Name, address and any other titles that can connect with him.
  • A specific description of the service type which he aim to produce it and the geographical area covered by the service.
  • A specific description of the network and transmission systems that aims to set up and operate and a timetable for implementation and the date of start-up or broadcast.
  • Evidence approves the enjoyment of the advanced financial capacity to provide services and the implementation of the proposed network.
  • Evidence shows experience and technical capacity or access to gain and necessary expertise to provide services and implementation of the proposed network or access to gain it.

  • Also the Department of Licenses examining the received information and the extent of the compliance with the instructions and controls of the commission.
  • Coordination with the Department of Frequencies to give the channel which require license the proper frequency, as well as in the case of withdrawal of a license from a particular channel must inform the Department of Frequencies so as to benefit from this frequency.

  • Coordination with the finance Dep. For the purpose of the collection to impose the fees for the granting of a license.

  • Follow –up extensions of the licenses with the channels as well as its interaction with all the channels for the purpose of information’s updates.
  • Guaranty of nonexistence of violation the licensed to the conditions and regulations of the commission and that’s through the implementation of decision which taken against the stations involution of the rules and general principles to guide the warning or withdraw the license. As if it proven the station’s violation of the commission’s conditions or being cut off from broadcasting for a long time, the commission has the right to direct him the  appropriate sanctions to be determined if the first start with grams of finance, then resort to withdraw the license, particularly in the fact that the station doesn’t broadcast it’s programs or being cut off from the broadcasting with a valid reason for this interruption, because it’s so reserved frequency without use which form a waste spectrum hand width that is considered wealth and one of the most resources of the country