Media Monitoring

It is one of CMC departments, responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of Iraqi media or these oriented to the Iraqi people, whether visual (satellite and terrestrial) , written (paper and electronic) and audio. The dept acts depending on academic, competent staff experienced some intensive courses inside and outside Iraq .The staff is guided by codes , regulations and rules issued by CMC (which was keen on publishing it for all Iraqi mass media, and all related parties), confirming the freedom and respect of expression as stated in article 38 of Iraqi constitution and article 19 of Universal Declaration for Human Rights, and article 19 of International Covenant for Political and Civil Rights. Monitoring department employees realize that freedom of expression is one of democracy staples and an essential abutment for building advanced civilized society. They also realize the importance of independence principle in notation the news and that this what should be taken into consideration when applying such codes and regulations. The staff makes use of developed and modern systems in monitoring, recording and archiving, and then extracting results electronically according to accurate programs with illustrative shapes supported by numbers and statistics for all monitory department activities.

Monitoring department consists of the following sections :-

First :- visual monitoring section, which consists of :-

1- satellite monitoring: specialized in monitoring Iraqi satellite channels and foreign and Arab satellite channels that have media activity inside Iraq.

2- terrestrial monitoring: specialized in monitoring channels which terrestrial broadcasting in all parts of Iraq.

Second :- audio monitoring section:-

Specialized in monitoring radios that use frequency spectrum in Iraq and have media activity inside Iraq.

Third :- print monitoring section, which consists of :-

1-Journalist monitoring: this section is in charge of monitoring what newspapers publish about CMC’s activities for reviewing, documentation and archiving. It also documents what newspapers publish about inaugurating a new satellite channel or radio to put it within monitoring process. The section does researches and studies periodically about journalist arts and media covering in some special occasion like, elections, reconciliation, violence and advertisement for inclusion in reports the department issues.

2-Electronic monitoring : daily monitoring for what websites broadcasting about CMC actions and activities for reviewing, documentation and archiving. It also makes studies and researches about important cases and actions belong to media field covered by websites and publishes their results in reports issued by the department .

Fourthly: archive section

This section is dedicated to preserve materials, reports, data ,documentary and non documentary papers for CMC on one hand, and what relates with media and means of media broadcast on the other one. Archive section is like a memory through which important files can be reached, and back-up copies can be made. Archive section archives and keeps all the activity of the dept on paper and electronically.